information technology advisory

Modern information technology systems enable strategic capabilities for organizations, but also introduce new and different risks that must be cared for every day.  Addressing those risks in a thoughtful and thorough manner that allows the organization to continue to meet its objectives is imperative to how we design security programs.  People, process, and technology make up the core of any successful security program and maximizing what people can contribute is our focus.

what can we help you with?

European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

A European regulation with global reach, GDPR is a fundamental necessity for anyone doing business in Europe.

ISO 27001/2

Leverage this internationally recognized information security standard to meet many compliance requirements.

SOX - Sarbanes-Oxley

Secure technology assets that support financial reporting to get IPO-ready or minimize costs of existing programs.

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology

Leverage this robust standard federal framework in order to gain coverage over SP800-53, FedRamp and more.

CCPA - California Consumer Privacy Act

With a 12-month lookback period, GDPR-style regulation is coming to the United States starting 2019.

SOC - System and Organization Controls

Provide your clients comfort over risks related to your internal information security controls.

our areas of expertise

IPO Readiness

Thorough preparation is the most important factor in a successful IPO. Let us help you with due diligence, accurate financial reporting, timely SEC filing, and determining the right price for your business before going to market

IPO Readiness

Income Tax Accounting

The Genova Group can help your company with every aspect of the income tax accounting process, from tax filing preparation to tax avoidance strategy.

Income Tax Accounting

Technical Accounting / Financial Operations

From audit preparation and support to regulatory compliance, you can count on our extensive professional expertise and well-honed instincts.

Technical Accounting / Financial Operations

Valuation Advisory

We take the time to understand the specific facts and circumstances of our client’s situation and provide our clients with an independent and unbiased valuation.

Valuation Advisory

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